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the film. we're live in cleveland park to catch up with some of those fans and get a little review from our movie reviewer. right now though, we want to head downstairs. tucker barnes has a look at what's proving to be a nice weekend. >> good morning. if you're going to be waiting in line later today to see harry potter, deal conditions only in the mid-80s. that's a few degrees below average. a nice-looking day shaping up for friday. 73 at reagan national. we're starting a gradual warm- up. our lows were in the 50s in some spots. low 60s outside the beltway. a refreshing morning with our humidity in check. 71 in ocean city. satellite radar we have a few clouds streaming through. don't be terribly concerned. most of the day will feature sunshine. it won't be as bright as yesterday. it should be mostly sunny. we should be dry today and tonight. looking forward to the weekend. that looks good.
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details coming up. more details on the forecast in a couple minutes. we are just under 2 hours away from the president's latest push on the debt talks. with negotiations going nowhere, the president scheduled a press conference for later this morning. at issue is to raise taxes or make deeper cuts. >> mitch mcconnell still trying to sell his backup plan to borrow more. other republicans like eric canter won't give in to new taxes and carries a great deal of sway in these talks. >> i am willing to work with everybody, including eric canter, to solve problems. my relationship with all the
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leaders has been cordial and professional, but i think at a certain point, the american people run out of patience. >> we will carry the president's address live at 11 this morning here on fox 5. we'll also stream it on a fire at holy cross hospital forced the evacuation of some patients. it started outside the building, but smoke was coming into the third floor maternity ward. fire and rescue crews helped hospital staff evacuate patients to other areas. they say none were in danger. no baby deliveries were going on at the time. there were no injuries. for the 18th time this year, a d.c. police officer faces criminal charges. larry say is accused of sexually assaulting three women while on duty. the most recent happened last july. authorities say he approached the women on the street and ordered them to follow him to a
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secluded area. say had his police powers revoked last year. police have arrested a second person in an acid attack from last year. katrina watts and her daughter were injured in this attack. one was arrested in january. yesterday police arrested tamara jackson of the district and charged her with assault. she coerced or influenced anderson to throw acid on watts. investigators don't think there are anymore suspects here. there's a bond review hearing for the man police say stole a car with a toddler and the toddler's mother inside. it started wednesday night at a gas station. it ended on the beltway. the 24-year-old victim bailed out of the car with her son. >> i really didn't want to jump, but i didn't know what else to do. i acted like i was putting my
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seat belt on. i just used this leg first and i jumped out. >> the suspect 22-year-old tehran white of baltimore is being held in rockwell. a maryland man is behind bars charged with trying to kidnap a 2-year-old from the best buy on frederick road. the child's father says jermaine palmer grabbed his son and took off running on wednesday. the father chased the man down and started fighting him. witnesses jumped in and helped him hold the suspect until police arrived. the child was not hurt. adrian fente has a new job. >> he sat down with us to talk about his new position as special council. he also shared what he thinks about the state of d.c. under the gray administration.
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>> what do you think of the state of d.c. right now? >> it it doesn't say that everything you did was wrong. that's clearly not what our election was about. they said that some of the things we were doing were very good, but there was more things that the people wanted to have happen. that's not dissimilar to what happened when i took over the government. i said my predecessor was a successful mayor, but we wanted to do some things and add on to it. that's what the administration is doing. after they are finished, there will be a new mayor. that's part of a city going no question about it. i grew up in washington d.c. in so many ways, it's come a long way. there's no single person that's responsible for that. a lot of people contributed. when i was on the council, i worked with a lot of people who did a lot for the city. the mayor williams and a lot of people have done a lot since i left. >> when you look at the transition that's going on now,
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one of your challengers then is now accusing mayor gray of a pay for play scandal. that he was paid off to attack you during the campaign. we know that's now under investigation. what are your thoughts on that with brown and gray? >> i really don't follow the issues that close. they certainly have been in the media. i made a public decision just to let any investigations follow their course. but not to comment on them. i think i owe the new administration and the city the opportunity to get things done without me saying things in the media or in public. >> has anyone involved in the investigation contacted you regarding this issue? >> they have not contacted me.
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>> okay. you sat on council for six years and watched what was going on. there's a lot of scandal from the president of d.c. council to some of its most important members who served right alongside with you. what do you make of what's going on right now. >> i read but i want the best for the city. i'm wishing the city does well. the city always lands on its feet. it's a great city. i was born and raised here. i will live here the rest of my life. i probably don't follow the issues as closely as you do. but i have confidence in the city. i think everything will turn out great in the end. >> one of the big things that you were concerned about was d.c. public schools. michelle reed was a big name to help come in and change things. her successor now kentucky ya
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henderson who was also working under michelle reed, what do you know about her? how do you think she's moving the system forward? >> she's fantastic. obviously i thought and think the world of michelle. she's still a great leader. kia is absolutely was the right choice to succeed her. we stood on stage with mayor grade and michelle. she's gotten a lot of acclaims. i have actually seen henderson on a national education reform trail. she's very well respected nationally. that's good for the city. >> just from sitting here and talking to you, you seemed removed from the politics that are going on right now. i don't know if that's relief for you to sit back, but you still have a lot of supporters out there. people still wanted to write
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you in for the election. would you run for mayor of the district of columbia again? >> i wouldn't. we certainly have a lot of supporters and appreciate people who will continue to be supportive of what we're doing, but the election decides who will be the mayor. i think it's up to everyone including everyone who was in the race to support the winner. most importantly, i love washington d.c. i want it to succeed. i'm raising my kids here. i'm very hopeful that things will continue to go well. and i believe they will. >> a great interview there. the mayor said he's done with politics, but he will be happy to work at the grass roots level supporting the people he believes will improve the district and the country. scary moments for a woman
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on metro. she nearly died after falling on the tracks. we'll hear from the man that saved her life and have more on what she was doing that caused her to fall. that's straight ahead. plus i have some help answering this week's ask allison question. what happens when you head to court for rights if you're not living with the mother of the child. it's not as simple as if. you head to court for child custody. we'll talk about it coming up next. 
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it's time for ask allison. what do you suggest if we take her to court? for what can happen in court in general terms, we have brought in a friend of the show. he's a family law attorney with a family law practice. thank you for coming in today. let's set some ground rules. we're not giving this viewer any advice. we're just talking in general terms. you asked some questions about this. i can tell you that the child is now 2 years old. the father's name is not on the birth certificate. they just found out he was the father a week or so ago. what's your reaction to this? >> first of all, i read the letter. i'd like to commend the wife and the husband father. my understanding is they are supporting this child. that's a good thing.
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and the mother or the wife is now supporting her husband in this right now. this is a very difficult situation. it's not uncommon that this happens. there are custody issues to be involved. what is the relationship with this father wants to have with this child. support issues to be resolved. the wife's relationship to the father and relationship between this child and the other children that might be in the intact family. >> there is another child from this married couple. does this man have any rights if he's the biological father? >> he has absolute rights. he has rights to pay child support. and he has the right to seek custody if he wanted to. he has full rights as if they had been a married couple. the wife has no rights. she cannot seek any rights.
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i will say if she's working, her income does not come into play when thinking about child support. it's just the father's income that comes into play for child support purposes. >> the dad is walking kind of a tight rope here. he's between both women. clearly, this is not how he expected this to turn out. however, now he's in the situation. he doesn't want to rock the boat and go to court, but can the biological mother just say you can't see this child? and what happens then? >> mother can say that. if the father wants to have a relationship with the child, he can seek that relationship through the courts. he can file for visitation or custody. she will reciprocate and file a petition. they will be before the court. i would suggest that the best way to resolve this is out of court. both of them seek the advice of counsel and do it out of court. do whatever is best for the child. they are trying to do that.
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but it's getting a little rough. >> a little human nature coming into this. a little jealousy and territory y'all issues. the mother of the child doesn't want the wife around the child, but suppose the wife doesn't want the child to visit the husband. >> that's where he's in between these women. we don't know how long he had the relationship with this other woman whether it continued after the birth of this child. we have all these dynamics going on and issues between each party and how they work together. >> at the end of the day though, you say seek legal advice. >> seek legal advice and try to work it out out of court. >> do you see issues like this? >> unfortunately, it comes up all the time. >> i really appreciate you stopping by. >> my pleasure. >> we hope we helped the view
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per. round of applause. you're trying to give this child a head start in life. we appreciate that. good luck to you. we'll be calling you again. great information. thank you. here we go again. more delays on metro this weekend. this time for maintenance on the orange, red, blue, and yellow lines. track work begins tonight at 10 and runs through closing on sunday. check metro's website for specific details. we all know texting and driving is dangerous, but what about texting while walking? earlier this month, a woman nearly died after falling on to the metro tracks while texting. a man heard the woman scream and ran to help. he jumped on the tracks and pulled her to safety. the hero is sharing his story only with fox 5. >> i had to take a leap of faith. that was the scariest part.
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i had to hoist her up off the ground and put her on to the platform. >> that was good timing because just minutes after she was rescued from the tracks, a train arrived. we are going all out today in honor of the premier of the last harry potter film. >> we sent holly to potions and lotions class. >> reporter: i think this dragon's blood would make for some good ingredients. where am i finding all this stuff? we're live this morning at the apothecary museum in alexandria. a real place you can come visit. we'll talk more about the history of what you'll find here and where they get something like dragon's blood and also a final magical moment that will indeed be memorable. that's later. 
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two airliners preparing for departure collided on a taxi way last night. the wing of a delta jet clipped the tail of another plane operated by atlantic southeast airlines. investigators are still trying to figure out how this happened. both aircrafts have been taken out of service for inspection. just one passenger complained of neck pain after the crash. otherwise, there were no injuries. a surprise end to the roger clemens perjury trial on just the second day of testimony. the case against roger clemens
9:24 am
ended in a mistrial. the judge who you see here halted it when prosecutors showed jurors evidence that the judge had ruled out. it was a videotape of a former teammate's wife saying her husband told her clemens confessed to using steroids. the judge called it prejudicial evidence saying clemens could no longer get a fair trial. he will hold a hearing in september to see if clemens should face another trial. a man accused of kid napping and dismembering a boy will be in court today. a boy got lost and asked the man for directions. the client may have mental problems. they don't have a clear motive for the crime, but they have not ruled out sexual molestation. aaron is undergoing a psychiatric examination to see if he's competent to stand trial. the united states and 30 other nations recognizing the
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rebels in libya as the only legitimate authority. it's a move that puts further pressure on moammar gadhafi. secretary of state hillary clinton is in turkey meeting with the rebels known as the transitional council and the 30 countries that make up the libyan contact group. the united nations voted to admit the newest independent country. yesterday south sedan became the member. the country gained independence saturday ending decades of civil war. you know him from the movies and the tv shows kids in the hall and news radio. >> dave foaly joins us live next. he'll tell you and all of us where we can catch his show this weekend. 
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a double whammy for folks
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in one neighborhood happen a driver crashes into a utility pole. that has people without power. >> sherri ly is live with the latest. okay. we're having some audio problems there. our apologies. if we can get back to sherri ly for the report, we will do that. we thank you all for baring with us and hanging in there. we have some technical problems. we'll get them worked out. we appreciate you tucker. mainly with good weather. >> i know how it works. i have this relationship down now. >> you were really loud in my ear right now. >> he needs attention.
9:30 am
let's get right to the temperatures. we're going to be in for a beautiful day. not enough great words can be said about our weather here for the next several days. we don't usually feature sunshine and temperatures in the 80s in the month of july. 74 at reagan we're starting that process of warming up out there. we got a little bit of cloud cover northwest of the city. hang in there. late morning and early afternoon you start to see the clouds burn off. it should be a great looking afternoon. overnight temperatures falling back into the upper 50s and low 60s. outside the beltway and just nice conditions in places like hagerstown. 72 in fredericksburg. the hot spot annapolis at 75. sunshine to the east too. let's talk satellite and radar. i don't have a lot to show you. you'll see the cloud cover. lower and thicker off to the northwest. not a lot of rain associated with it. at least in the mid-atlantic. off to the northwest, we had
9:31 am
some good thunderstorms towards detroit. the cloud cover spilling into the region. other than that, the tendency will be to clear things out. another beautiful afternoon expected with bright sunshine and the humidity relatively in check. due points in the 60s. a nice one today. beautiful tonight. sunshine and a warming trend here by sunday and monday. things are going to warm up. don't get used to the weather, but it will be perfect. going to the beach, that's a good-looking forecast. 84 degrees this afternoon. duey beach, you have a great- looking weekend. here's your forecast for today. lots of sunshine. pleasant temperatures. only 86 your daytime high. that's a few degrees below average. winds out of the south at 5 miles per hour. if you have plans outdoors, enjoy. clear skies and comfortable temperatures. 67 degrees your overnight low with winds out of the south at
9:32 am
5 miles per hour. here's your weekend forecast. it's generally a good one. temperatures will be warming up. 88 tomorrow. you'll notice the humidity creeping back as well. particularly by sunday afternoon. you haven't seen anything yet. it looks like an extended period of heat with lots of 90s starting monday and tuesday. that's a look at your forecast. now tony and a special guest. >> we're excited about this. our next guest began writing standup comedy at young age. he became the kids in the hall. dave foaly starred in the comedy news radio and in numerous films. this weekend he appears live at the arlington cinema and draft house. he joins us live this morning. we're happy to have you. i was telling you this during the break. i love your work.
9:33 am
kids in the hall was great. and i particularly really loved news radio. that was a great show. >> it was a tremendous amount of fun to do. >> you had a great cast you were working with. >> amazing cast. it was odd. i happened to be in l. a. when you lost phil. and on that day, it was devastating to the entire town. it was so out of the blue. and you guys were flying high at the time. and i'm sure it was tough for you. >> i was actually in toronto shooting a movie called dick about dixon when i got the news. it was one of those things you
9:34 am
couldn't really grasp it. >> i didn't mean to start with that. i'm glad you dressed for the show this morning. you really went all out. >> this is the fanciest thing that fit in my carry on. as a sketch comic, going on the road was like tour buss. standup is one carry on bag. >> you have done the extremes. the kids in the hall project, you have props and costumes and wigs. what's going on there? why was that enjoyed so much? >> we couldn't get any women to stay in the group because we were so horrible to be around back when we were young. so with we started playing
9:35 am
women's roles. >> are you surprised about the enduring affection for kids in the hall? >> yeah. i don't know if i'm surprised, but i'm deeply gratified. we started in the mid-80s. we didn't think we'd still be coming back together. >> were you last together in 2010? >> yeah. we shot a mini series called death comes to town. that was the last time we were all together. >> do you anticipate doing anything else? >> we were hoping to go on tour this fall. i think i'm the one screwing it up because i got a new sitcom. it's going to be on cbs on thursdays right after big bang theory this fall. and it's a great show. it's david hornsby who is a
9:36 am
writer and producer and actor on sunny in philadelphia. >> you were on that show a couple times. >> i did guest spots on there. i lucked out. i managed to fall into another great cast. >> you guys write it and do the show. but do you feel any pressure because that's a prime spot? >> yeah. it's an amazing lead in, which means if we don't do well, we will get canceled amazingly fast. that's the double edge of that. so don't let us down america. >> you have done so much stuff and hosted celebrity poker
9:37 am
showdown. i've watched it. you're great. but how did this come to be? >> i still wonder. >> are you a poker player? >> no. no real interest in poker at all. my friend was producing the show. when kevin pollak left the show, they needed a new host. they called and asked if i wanted to host, and i said i had never played texas hold um. but oddly enough, i was booked to play in a tournament that weekend. and i said let me go do that and see what i think. i wound up being the last celebrity in. just through i think beginners and drunkers luck. after 12 hours of playing poker and drinking free beers, i go
9:38 am
what? >> you're multitalented. here this weekend tonight and tomorrow. two shows each night. it's your first time at that venue. we're happy you took the time to stop by. >> thank you for having me. >> come back any time. we're going to head back out to sherri ly for the latest on the breaking news people trapped in their neighborhood by fallen power pole. we're going to do that in a moment. >> to be trapped in my neighborhood sounds great. it's a great excuse for not going to work. >> we'll be back in a moment. 
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a double whammy for people in one neighborhood. hundreds of homes are without power after a driver crashes into a utility pole. >> that pole is now blocking
9:42 am
the road. that has folks trapped in their neighborhood. sherri ly has the latest. >> reporter: right now, the crews are doing the work. the bad news is it's going to be a very long wait. you can see there's no outlet here along old state road. the crews are right now trying to get this fixed. this is a two-lane road. there's no room to let cars pass. the car crashed into that utility pole around 3:00 this morning at church road and old stage road. the utility pole cut off an entire neighborhood with hundreds of homes. it took time to deenergize the line before they could begin work just a short time ago. about 400 customers are without power. people who live along old stage trying to head to work this morning suddenly found themselves trapped and are scrambling to call cabs or find another way out. >> the whole neighborhood,
9:43 am
everything is blocked off. there's a policeman at the entrance. >> she woke me up at 8:00 telling me that i could not drive, but hi to walk to get a ride. so i'm waiting for my friend to pick me up. >> reporter: what they are telling us is that it probably won't be until this afternoon until they can complete the work. they have to put in another utility pole. if you take a look over here, you can see where people have made the accommodations. they are parking here if they can't get into the neighborhood. then they are walking to their homes. and they are also meeting their rides out here. this is what people are having to deal with just to get to work if they are going to work at all given the situation this morning. again they say it's going to take some time. probably not until this afternoon before they can reopen this road and get the
9:44 am
power back on. >> all right. thank you. we are going crazy for harry potter this morning. the last movie in the series hit theaters at midnight. people have been lining up for shows all night long. reviews coming up next. 
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people camped out to get the best seat possible to get
9:48 am
the midnight showing. the hollows is the 8th and final movie in the franchise. >> we are talking to the fans this morning. >> reporter: hello, guys. the fans are inside now because they had a 9:00 showing. but this is the 8th and final film in the franchise. harry potter is also a series of 7 but the last one was split into two. it is a showdown. the big battle between harry potter and evil. we caught up with fans earlier for the 9:00 before they went in. here's what they had to say. >> i think it will be just wonderful. it will be just as i envision it. i heard a lot of things about it. i just think it's going to be wonderful. i will probably see it several times. >> i'm super excited.
9:49 am
i know it's going to be a sob fest. my boyfriend wouldn't come because he knew we'd cry like crazy. so i'm meeting a girlfriend here. >> reporter: he said he almost cried in the film. be prepared for that. not surprised there. but i also spoke to kevin mccarthy early this morning. here's what he said. >> i wanted this final battle sequence to be the greatest battle of all time. i was expecting it to be the most epic sequence in the history of action movies. to me it was very anticlimatic. i wanted more from that sequence. >> reporter: if you haven't watched part 1, i suggest you do. from what i'm told, there's no recap like the other films.
9:50 am
the movie opens up nationwide today. we had the super fans come in last night at midnight. then the 3:30 showing here. and the 9:00. there's also the 12:15, 3:40, and 7:05 here. make sure you check your local listings before you head out. >> all right. thank you. i was at a mall yesterday afternoon, and people were lined up already. it appeared that at this particular mall, they had blocked out almost every theater for this movie. >> that's like going to a concert back in the day. i hope it was good for the fans. we have been talking about the new movie all morning long. >> holly morris is getting into the spirit at the apothecary museum. >> look at how cute she is. >> reporter: we are having a lot of fun here this morning. we're excited about the final movie of harry potter being
9:51 am
out. you're right. we have had a cool morning here. we have moved upstairs. i think this would be a place where they would hang out. if they did so, they probably would check in with the curator of collections. you would be able to tell them where the cool ingredients are. >> if you're looking for cool ingredients, you would find them here. if you were an 18th century apothecary, you would use these raw ingredients to make a final product. >> reporter: is there anything in there? or are those just labels. >> a lot of them do still have the original products in them. most of the drawers have something in it. >> reporter: including the unicorn root? >> including the unicorn root. >> reporter: what do you think would be the coolest thing
9:52 am
about the apothecary museum people would be surprised about? >> they sold all sorts of equipment. they were willing to sell just about anything. >> reporter: if you come here, you should check it out. it's a fascinating place. our fascination this morning has not only been with the apothecary museum and their wonderful staff, but with joe romano as well. we talked about your school programs. but you do other big things. cruise ships and other things. >> six flags here in d.c. >> reporter: what's your favorite venue? >> i love six flags here. it's the theme park in my backyard. universal studios was great. >> reporter: what's the big finale? >> this museum is great.
9:53 am
i feel like we should be picking out wands. or the wand picks you. this is the highlight. i turn a kid into harry potter. there's a lot of kids running around the museum. except for right now. so we're going to turn you into harry potter. first we need some harry potter music. we do some really cool tricks. okay. take a bow. the audience goes crazy.
9:54 am
that was just a warm-up. take a bow. very nice. focused on the rope. >> i'm so focused. i'm looking left right left right. >> nice. you're good. i'm leaving my path behind. now the big finale. >> watch. take a bow.
9:55 am
wow. she is good. >> reporter: they need to do one more harry potter movie and we need to be in it. is our website. we have a link to the apothecary museum. come see it in old town. if you want to check out one of joe's shows, you can check out his website as well. back to you guys. most would consider megan fox sexy. wait until you hear who beat her out. when water doesn't dry, it can leave spots and film.
9:56 am
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finish jet dry rinse agent removes residue and actively dries dishes, for a brilliant shine straight from the dishwasher. finish jet dry rinse agent. finish. the diamond standard.
9:58 am
let's answer the trivia
9:59 am
question today. tucker knows everything. we learned in the earlier books that harry potter's wand is the twin wand. what's in the core of both wands? phoenix feathers. >> i thought that might be it. >> those are easy for the fans. but for us, brand new. >> money is in the core of both wands. she's all of 65 and shows no sign of waning in the fabulous department. check out the latest cover of esquire magazine. we don't think it does her justice. this is helen miran. she beat out megan fox in the publication's sexiest women alive competition. >> that's pretty cool. >> she also delivers a lot of great quotes in the magazine. this is in the august issue. >> i love helen. i would go with them on that. she's super sexy

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